3 BEST National Parks to cycle in South Africa

There are many paid cycling tour operators across Southern Africa, both on and off the road, but I want to take a different approach to cycling holidaying… DIY!

Note - always take safety precautions when riding on the road, and remain vigilant at all times. That said there are ways to enjoy riding on the road in South Africa.

Here are my top 3, proudly South African do-it-yourself holiday tours:

1. Golden Gate Highlands National Park

This is the perfect place to base yourself for a cycling holiday. Book into a chalet or pitch a tent to be closer to nature. You can cycle for hours within the Park, and also head out towards Clarens & Fouriesburg for some proper hill training!SEE https://www.sanparks.org/parks/golden_gate

2. Northern Drakensburg

Book yourself into KZN Parks accommodation at with Royal Natal, Cathedral Peak or Giants Castle and enjoy some great riding with a great mountain background. Recover with short hikes and swims in fresh mountain pools.SEE http://www.kznparks.com

3. Agulhas National Park

The Western Cape has some of the best and safest riding in South Africa, this includes incredibly scenic rides with both ocean and mountain views. There is a wide range of accommodation types in the area so as with the Cape Peninsula, shop around to find a price that suits you!

We have a huge country worth exploring! National Parks are often a cheaper option, and are a great way to give back to the preservation of our fauna and flora.

What are you waiting for? Let’s go!

David "MrActiveSA" Katz has ridden the race four-times previously, with his best result a 2:54:44 back in 2009. He has also worked on the race with two professional women’s teams, Liv-Plantur (now Team Sunweb) and Team Hitec Products. He has also tweeted on the men’s race on multiple occasions.

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