Mountain biking: Ever wondered what you are missing out on?

Mountain biking is arguably (still) the fastest growing sport in the country.... but many of the sport's detractors haven't tested what the fuss about!

One of the great charms of mountain biking is the way it can allow you to get fit and healthy without really noticing. Unless you are rolling on a smooth flat dirt road, you have to decide whether to ride over or around rocks and roots, choose a line and lean the right way around corners, work out whether to sit or stand over obstacles and drops or rises, and also determine how far back your bottom needs to be over the saddle to keep you stable. With all of this to think about you don’t really feel the work your body is doing…

So while they may not admit to it, many road cyclists have a mountain bike stuck away for those weekends when they need to shake the routine up a little...

It's a family affair

The wonderful thing about mountain biking is you take your whole family. You simply adjust the distance or technicality of the course you’re choosing to ride to fit the age and ability of your family, and off you go. It’s like hiking, but with wheels, and you can go so much further, and faster!

Time stands still...

Mountain biking by definition is off-road, so traffic isn’t an issue, which means you can do it any time of the day. Often with road riding, the busy roads dictate that we need to be done with our training before most of Joburg has woken up, but with mountain biking, you’re able to take it a little easier, and go when you’re ready.

It’s only natural!

One of the true benefits of being on a trail on your mountain bike is being out in nature. Immersing yourself in your surroundings gives you the opportunity to connect with the outside world in a gentile and calming way, and in a way that road biking just doesn’t offer due to its very nature.

It is the unknown around the corner that turns my wheels.

Heinz Stücke, German long-distance touring cyclist

While a sport like running might affect your feet and knees, mountain biking actually offers a fairly low impact workout all the way from your shoulders to your feet that still burns calories and makes your body work for its pleasure. Riding at race pace makes mountain biking more challenging, and only lots of riding will bring better fitness and a few mishaps to teach you how to deal with some technical challenges, but there’s no need to panic. The tyres of a mountain bike with a suspension fork, wide handlebars and plenty of gears can just happily roll over surprisingly tough terrain.

Sound like a few good reasons to give it a bash? We think so!

Join us on the weekend of the 9th and 10th November for a weekend of unique mountain bike fun on specially created trails in the Steyn City parkland estate.

Find the distance that’s right for you, then enter to join the Discovery 947 Ride Joburg MTB Ride family!

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