Getting into Anriette's cycling mind

Cycling is still greatly considered as a male-dominated sport. However, the women that are involved in the sport, on or off the road, are seeing a wonderful growth in the field of women cyclists.

The Discovery 947 Ride Joburg in 2018 had 23% of women cyclists in the field. It is growing and the conversations need to continue in educating and helping them.

Women should not be intimidated about getting on a bike or doing all things cycling.

Part 1

How to get started?

_Don't make it complicated. Get a helmet. Get a good pair of shorts. You don't actually even need an expensive bike._

Anriette Schoeman

What's your goal?

Get yourself a goal. If it's losing weight. Or getting into a race. That's why with a ride, like Ride Joburg, it's so fantastic that any person can do it. And it's such a lovely opportunity for someone to actually get into the sport, aspiring to achieve a goal.

Anriette Schoeman

How to keep getting better

_Mountain biking is basically my hobby. I mountain bike to take time off my road cycling. In such a perspective. Even just sitting on a mountain bike and pedalling, is a completely different experience._

Anriette Schoeman

Anriette enjoys trying new things in her some of her training schedules. Core training for her is very important and does core training at least twice a week. Usually the day after your core training, it feels like you've activated new muscle in your body. She attributes 'listening to your body' when training to be a great advantage as part of one's routine.

Many sports have a fan base of males and the athletes are male. This creates a self-reinforcing problem of overlooking women cycling, whether for tours or to gain sponsorships. And this makes it difficult to grow the sport.

Part 2

Anriette Schoeman is a UCI Level 1 accreditated coach. Her passion for coaching to bring out the best in people. Whether it is fitness or weight-loss, she wants to give people the recipe to bring the best out of themselves.

I work with school kids and I'm a little bit involved with school kids in their development.

Anriette Schoeman

On a weekend, you just look forward to riding on the trails. Joburg has the most beautiful trails. I've ridden the Discovery 947 Ride Joburg MTB Ride. It is such a lovely way to kick off your cycling.

Anriette Schoeman

If ladies who would like to get in touch with anything cycling related, get in touch >>

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