Entering Discovery 947 Kids Ride - hosted by Steyn City.

You need to collect your child’s race number and pack at the Discovery 947 Kids Ride Lifestyle Expo:

Venue:The Shed at Steyn City. Access via Cedar Road gatehouse only.
Dates and times: Thursday, 7 November 09:00 – 17:00

Friday, 8 November 09:00 – 17:00


When is the Discovery 947 Kids Ride?

Saturday, 9 November 2019.

Where will the Discovery 947 Kids Ride take place?

Steyn City (Cedar Rd Gatehouse), Fourways.

How much is the late entry fee for the Discovery 947 Kids Ride?

R200 (incl 15% VAT)

When will late entries be available?

Limited late entries will be availabe at number collection.

What are the different age groups and distances?

There are multiple distances for the little ones:
• Birds (age appropriate 2 to 4 years): 1km* - Push bikes and tricycles, moms or dads can join on foot.
• Meerkats (age appropriate 5 to 6 years): 1km* - Trikes, push bikes and training wheels allowed, no parents.
• Lions (age appropriate 7 to 8 years): 2.8km* - Bicycles only, no training wheels.
• Elephants (age appropriate 9 to 10 years): 5.5km* - Bicycles only, no training wheels.
The above age allocations are merely a guideline for the parents. *Distances may vary

What if my child does not have an ID number?

You can find your child's ID number on their birth certificate. The ID number is very important in making sure that the child can be identified accurately if there is an emergency. You can also use the child's passport number.

Is the Discovery 947 Kids Ride timed?

No, the kids ride is a fun ride for the kids to interact with others. There is no timing.

What do kids receive?

All pre-entries will receive a t-shirt and a goody bag at number collection. On completion of the ride, all children will receive a commemorative medal.

Is the Discovery 947 Kids Ride route out on the road?

The Kids Ride route is within the venue of Steyn City. The route has no motorists.