947 Ride Joburg is within reach with Cycle Lab's "Zero to Hero" offer

Cycle Lab's latest campaign sources high-value products to make the sport of cycling even more accessible to all.

Winter Pedal Pleasure

If you want to ride the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge this year, riding your bicycle in winter could be a bit tough.

Technology for your Cycling

A bicycle could never have been invented without technology, and we have to admit that #LoveCycling means #LoveTechnology.

Alex Caige gets Cycle Challenge ready!

It can be tough to stay active during Winter. There are a number of training opportunities that can keep you motivated and on a bike while the mornings are dark and cold - 947’s Alex Caige decided to take on a high performance customized programme at CycleZone in Rosebank.

Three great hints to ride, not suffer.

If you put in some well-planned hours on your bike you can feel the benefit when it comes to Cycle Challenge Sunday.

Mountain Bike Magic

Biased mountain bikers don’t like to hear that road cycling can vastly improve their fitness with constant effort; and some fanatical roadies are not even prepared to consider riding on dirt unless they have to. As big fans of all bicycle moves we prefer not to choose, but here are 5 reasons to give mountain biking a chance if you haven’t:

Share the bicycle blessing

How to get your little ones on a bike ahead of the Telkom 947 Kiddies Ride!

5 Critical Safety Tips for Riders in South Africa

We loved this piece by Sally Perkins, a professional freelance writer. She enjoys reading, hiking, spending time with her family and travelling as much as possible. She has a keen interest in road safety as she is a cyclist.

The Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge helped Joseph Jacobs reach a milestone 

We loved this piece in Soweto Urban West Side (by Janice Beckett) about Joseph Jacobs (49) from the Riverlea Cycling Club who said, “when I finished the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge, I reached a milestone that I thought I'd never reach.”

Enjoy the perks of entering your Company Team!

The Company Teams category offers opportunities to use the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge as a wellness day, a team building adventure, a powerful source of corporate exposure, and even a way to raise funds for a charity through the Ride for a Purpose platform.