Celebrating the Samaritans of Discovery 947 Ride Joburg

In addition to being official merchandise supplier to the Discovery 947 Ride Joburg, ASG agreed to sponsor a unique innovation which, from public sentiment, seems to be making an increasing difference the more it is employed.

The ASG Guardians are a small group of select cyclists who, on Ride Joburg raceday, leave in the last 4 groups of Ride Joburg cyclists with the sole purpose of motivating and assisting those back-markers to finish the race safely, and within the cutoff.

This small group was a source of heroic stories relating to those cyclists struggling with fitness, mechanical failure and mental fatigue in the extreme heat of last year's event, so Jenni Green invited some repeat Guardians and some newbies for a chat.

Click below to hear her chat with Chiara de Siena, Michael Hove, Nadine Visagie and Markus Pienaar- sharing stories from an eventful Discovery 947 Ride Joburg raceday.

It was probably one of my favourite days on the bicycle!

Chiara de Siena, ASG Guardian

For me, as a Guardian, helping a lot of people - you are doing double the work - concentrating on your bike, but also pushing someone.

Michael Hove, ASG Guardian

This year being an ASG Guardian has totally opened up a complete new avenue for me in terms of how cycling should be!

Markus Pienaar, ASG Guardian

There are guys out there who should have stayed on the couch. But they actually got up, and they made it.

Markus Pienaar, ASG Guardian

People look at you like you are their saving grace...

Nadine Visagie, ASG Guardian

You speak to the mechanics at the start of the race and a lot of the guys bring bikes that haven't even been built yet, they haven't ridden it...

Chiara de Siena, ASG Guardian

The race is full of people riding for a purpose, so I decided that would be my purpose, helping other people to cross the line!

Markus Pienaar, ASG Guardian

What many don't know about - but which Michael refers to in the podcast as "an emotional experience" is the finish line procession, which the ASG Guardians lead, but which involves all the support services vehicles lining up in formation and crossing the finish line to be thanked by organisers, cyclists and sponsors. If you haven't watched the stream yet, CLICK HERE.

Thanks to all the ASG Guardians who gave of their time in support of other riders and thank you to ASG for sponsoring their amazing kit!

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