Cycling will relieve stress

Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or a newbie to this awesome ride around Johannesburg, you know the benefit it has on your stress levels! For one, cycling is a cardiovascular exercise, which is proven to help to reduce stress. Two, cycling itself has been shown to benefit a riders overall state of mind.

How exactly does it do so? A combination of factors. Your overall improved state of mind will lead to; reduced risk of depression, sleeping better, improved memory, feeling good and improved creative thinking.

Life is stressful; we have work concerns, money concerns, family concerns, political concerns, safety concerns, you name it. But life is also a blessing, and a great opportunity, and it’s how we mitigate our stress that allows us to make the best out of our situation.

Exercise, and in this case cycling, is a great way to do so.

Cycling is often seen is an expensive sport, but riding a bike doesn’t have to be. An entry-level sturdy bike that you can self-service can provide you with a great mode of transport, form of exercise, and de-stressing mechanism.

Now go #RideJoburg, go ride!

David MrActiveSA Katz has ridden the race four-times previously, with his best result a 2:54:44 coming in 2009. He has also worked on the race with two professional women’s teams, Liv-Plantur (now Team Sunweb) and Team Hitec Products. He has also tweeted on the men’s race on multiple occasions.

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