Boost your technique and your confidence with these terrific resources!

    Discovery 947 Ride Joburg is fast approaching and you’ve committed to that start line, but are you ready? Don’t stress if you’re unsure – we are here to help! Access these resources to take the guesswork out of training and get the guidance you need to ace that race:

    Nail the basics with PTS Coach

    All Ride Joburg entrants get access to the Performance Through Science (PTS) Coach basic profile, on Training Peaks, an international training app. Here you can download a handy free programme to get your training going and contact accredited coaches for more personal tracking. Here’s how to access this offer:

      • Download the Training Peaks app on your mobile device (click 'HERE' for Android, and 'HERE' for iOS)
      • To download you’re your free Basic programme please click 'HERE'
      • Click 'Buy now'
      • Apply the promo code Discovery947RideJoburg

    We will then apply the programme to your profile (which you will need to set up yourself). The profile that is free is a Basic one. If you wish to upgrade to Premium then this will be for your own account. For further information, registered riders are also welcome to send questions to

    Up your game with Coach Parry’s Discovery 947 Ride Joburg Training Roadmap

    High-performance expert Lindsey Parry is one of SA’s most widely recognised coaches, having trained athletes onto podiums of some of the world’s most illustrious races. His proven, science-backed Ride Joburg training plan shows you exactly how to train so you’re not under- or over-trained come race day. This is the ONLY place you can get ongoing, direct access to the highly qualified and experienced Coach Parry for the advice you need, when you need it! Learn more about Coach Parry’s Training Roadmap here.


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